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NJ-ARP Analyses and Reports

Fare Analysis
Mile for mile, N.J. Transit fares are the highest in the country, according to our annual review (December 20, 2012).

Congressional Scorecard
N.J.'s congressional representatives—with a few unfortunate exceptions—have been solid supporters of Amtrak, according to our periodic review of voting records (December 20, 2012).

Northeast Corridor
Some of the track and bridges along the Northeast Corridor are over a century old—and it shows. Here’s our summary of what needs to be done to bring the core of N.J.'s rail network up to modern standards.

Position Papers Analyses by NJ-ARP members of major transit projects in the state over the past two decades.

Advertisements Some of self-promotional material, especially geared to specific projects and initiatives.

Miscellaneous Other goodies such as back issues of our annual reports.

Latest Newsletters

Members’ Travelogues
Our peripatetic members are active not just in improving transit options in New Jersey, but also in visiting other systems worldwide to see what lessons we can learn. Here are some of our latest dispatches.


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